Williamson Park

Highest Point Festival

Thursday 11th - Sunday 14th May 2023

Williamson Park in Lancaster

No age restrictions

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About Highest Point Festival 2023

Thank you for making Highest Point 2022 the best yet - see you all 11th - 14th May 2023

Every year after the dust settles (or in the case of this year we washed our wellies) we always leave Williamson Park with a big smile, proud of the show we put on for the people of Lancaster and beyond. Moments later, we start pulling apart the events of the weekend, trawling through feedback, our own notes, video footage, photos and memories of what had gone before us, to start work on 2023 and make sure we improve what we can and build on what we already loved – in May you will have seen an improved woods stage, better signage, no more payment wristbands, a bigger fence, a different control room, more bars and a completely different main stage.

Some of this you might have noticed and it made a huge difference to you, other bits made a huge difference to the running of the festival and you had no idea we had even done it. You see – we will never ever become complacent about Highest Point and stop developing it – it’s a project that will never be finished. We have many, many things that we want to address from 2022 but we feel the biggest is the audience. We absolutely want Highest Point Festival to be a family-friendly event where ALL are welcome so any changes we make to 2023 will have that as our main goal.

For May 2023 we plan to:

  • Increase the free age for children to 12 years old
  • Teens (13 – 17 years) need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 30+ (up from 21+)
  • Children & Teens should have one adult per two minors
  • Our medical and welfare will be located in a larger, quieter area
  • A new welfare team will work across the site to reunite any unattended minors
  • Better wristbands. Crimping them was a rubbish idea!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Highest Point is to be enjoyed by everyone, and we know there are things that need addressing so everyone feels welcome and comfortable. Hopefully this goes someway to helping with that.


Highest Point

Music genres: House, Drum n Bass, Pop, Indie, Disco

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