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WEISS interview - "Things always have a way of going back to the basics"

Skiddle Staff

Last updated: 28th Jan 2021

Now that we've danced around the table to WEISS' exclusive mix; it's time to hear the thinking behind the music. Read on to hear some inspiring words about the rave scene and predictions for club nights in 2021...
So, how's lockdown treated you? 
"Obviously it’s not been ideal but have been making the most out of it. It’s been great where I’ve had plenty of time with the family away from touring and it’s been great in the studio as I’ve been able to not have any pressure on myself having to rush the music. I’m really enjoying experimenting with sounds and producing some of my best works." 
There’s a nod to your formative days raving in your recently released music - what do you remember most from that time?
"It was the thrill of everything being new (music-wise) and discovering new places. I guess the whole growing up and meeting new friends, sharing stories were special times." 
Why do you think rave culture endures - what is it about that particular moment in music history that attracts such reverence? 
"Things always have a way of going back to the basics, the core and the birth of a movement. With new fans coming into the fold and old fans wanting to get back to their roots, dance music is simply at a time right now where things are coming full circle." 
And you've gone for a rave-inspired mix here too... (chance to explain the mix/genre/tracks etc)
"It’s quite hard to take people on a journey in such a short space of time but I’ve tried to do it in this mix. Ideally I like to go three hours plus in a club! As you can tell I’m quite eclectic when it comes to choosing tracks but whatever gives me a tingle on the back of the neck… I hope the listeners will get the same feeling!" 
One prediction for clubbing in 2021...
"Continuous celebrations and everyone going nuts"