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The Move NYE Special at District 3

The Move NYE Special

  • District 3 Stoke-on-Trent
  • Tuesday 31st December
  • Back at Spode for a NYE special! Say goodbye to the teenies and hello to the twenties!
    The Move @ Spode at Spode Works Factory

    The Move @ Spode

    • Spode Works Factory Stoke-on-trent
    • Saturday 1st February 2020
    • The DJ everyone has asked for at Spode!! SKREAM!
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      • Skream

        Next Playing At:
        The Move @ Spode (1st February)

        Skream Skream
      • Matt Erst

        Next Playing At:
        The Move NYE Special (31st December)

        Matt Erst Matt Erst

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