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about Bingo Lingo Birmingham

Bingo Lingo returns to Birmingham for 2021 and is sure to be as loud and chaotic as ever. They take bingo and turn it into interactive experiences for ravers, festival goers and corporate parties alike. There is a strong emphasis on audience participation, as you’re egged on by the often colourful and charismatic hosts.

The entire premise is unpredictability, with mini raves being commonplace, the odd dance-off challenge and prizes that range from the lame to the unbelievable. A typical evening of Bingo Lingo will consist of 8 games of 3 bingo boards and the mother of all prizes at the end. So, queue the strobe lights as Bingo Lingo makes its return to Birmingham and expect a night full of pints, thrills and general mayhem. One promise that Bingo Lingo makes is that once you’ve been then you won’t be able to resist going again and judging by how energetic the whole event seems, it can be no real surprise.