Sea Star Festival

Friday 26th May 2023

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Minimum age: 18

About Sea Star Festival 2023

Sea Star Festival is back in Croatia in 2022, once again taking over the Stella Maris resort for a weekend of EDM, house, techno and alternative indie alongside the likes of Cyrpress Hill, Amelie Lens, Tijana T, Dubioza Kolektiv and Umek. 

Sibling to Serbia's iconic EXIT Festival, Sea Star takes the diversity and wildness that is synonymous with the Serbian festival, but brings it down south to the beautiful shores of Croatia.

And beyond the festival, festival-goers are encouraged to explore the lush surroundings of Umag, famed for its rich Mediterranean spirit and historical architecture, while also taking advantage of the local cycle paths that span the coastline.


Sea Star Festival line up

Cypress Hill

Amelie Lens

Dubioza kolektiv





Tijana T

Vojko V



Bu? Kesidi

Andrea Ljekaj


DJ Gumja




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