Bass Coast Festival

July 2023 (To be confirmed)

No venue info currently

Minimum age: 18

About Bass Coast Festival 2023

Bass Coast Festival is an independent international exhibition of electronic music and art. Founded in 2009 by Andrea Graham and Liz Thomson, this artist owned and operated event is a distinguished platform for Canadian artists and a springboard for up-and-coming international talent.

The natural beauty of British Columbia is a quintessential element of the Bass Coast experience. The festival site which is located outside the city of Merritt, in the picturesque Nicola Valley, invites you to be present with nature.

Head here and build on the festival's foundation of creativity, inclusivity, and community.

Bass Coast Festival is a 19+ event featuring:

*4 immersive stage environments with 100+ electronic artists

*50+ large-scale art installations

*Yoga and workshops

*Scrumptious food vendors

*Artisan vending village

*2 licensed cocktail bars


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